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A Business Owner Needs to Think Like a Marketer

A Business Owner Needs to Think Like a MarketerYou will find many small business owners that claim they hate marketing but often they confuse marketing with advertising and sales.  Marketing is more than that it is a strategy not just a single ad.  An effective marketing strategy is about promotion, research and sales and advertising and yet it is more than that it is your mindset too.  You, as a business owner needs to think like a marketer especially if you’re a start-up that can’t afford a marketing team.

Once you put your marketing hat on, now you need to build brand awareness both online and off, this will help your targeted audience know and love your products and services.  You also need to build trust with your audience.  So how can you accomplish all of that and think like a marketer?  Here are some tips to get you started.

Know Your Products and Services

That may sound like a no brainer but you need to make sure that both you and your team understand your offerings both inside and out.  Think about all the times you as a customer walked away from buying something because the sales rep couldn’t answer your questions.  It happens far more often than it should.

Learn from Competitors Mistakes

It is easy to get blinded by what your competitors do well but you need to take a closer look at what they are not doing for their customers.  Take five minutes and do a quick Google search, your business probably has hundreds of competitors, but what makes your offering better?  Do your research and find out where they are weak and where you can fill in the gap.

Solve Problems

Your number one goal should be to solve your client’s problems with your products and services.  Emphasize how you can offer a solution to a problem they have and how that can benefit them.

Create Opportunities for Referrals

If the idea of marketing has made you uncomfortable you probably loathe the idea of networking too.  First, to dispel any negative connotations, networking doesn’t mean schmoozing at a BNI meeting in order to close a sale.  Networking can simply having a conversation with new people.  Eventually the conversation will come around to asking each other what you do, all you have to do is answer the question…that’s it.

When you own a business everything is tied into your marketing.  Marketing is how you communicate with your customer base, how you build and keep that base.  Get marketing right and you can build a business that endures for decades.