Month: October 2018

Top Benefits Of Digital Advertising

Over the last few years, more consumers have chosen to spend an increasing amount of time online each day; with social media sites accounting for the most time spent online. According to consumer reports, consumers are also increasingly going online to research various products and services before making a purchase decision. In addition to the above, more consumers are choosing to shop online instead of visiting brick and mortar stores.

All the above facts point to one thing; consumers are now online. Businesses looking to interact with consumers can do so online. Digital adverting refers to online centered ads. Read on below to find out some of the main benefits of digital advertising.

Easy To Target Consumers

All advertising efforts are mainly focused on reaching a specific group of consumers that is defined by particular characteristics. Digital ads are ideally suited to target consumers determined by a specific number of traits with pinpoint accuracy.

Social media sites provide advertisers with information regarding the demographics and general interests of their users. This enables the advertisers to target these users with their ads specifically. SEO, on the other hand, helps website owners attract users actively searching for related content. For example: Imagine you’re a digital marketing or website design firm and there is a business owner who needs your services. If the business owner uses a search engine to perform a local search such as “digital marketing companies near me“, “bay area web design“, or “san francisco marketing agency” and your website shows highly in the search results, they may contact you to get more information on how you can help them.

Cost Effective

Digital advertising is by far one of the most affordable advertising avenues. To post an ad on a social media site, you only need a few dollars to get started. It is also worth noting that to launch a PPC campaign, advertisers don’t need to spend a thing. You only pay a minimal fee, as compared to traditional forms of advertising, once a user clicks on your advertisement. This goes a long way for a business in leveling the field of play as small and large companies can reach thousands of users regardless of their budgets.

Furthermore, advertisers can adjust their spending on as per their needs to ensure that they get the most out of the ads.

Track Results In Real-time

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of using digital advertising comes in the fact that it facilitates real-time tracking if results. With digital advertising, advertisers can be able to access information on who interacted with their ads, their demographics, and interests among others. Advertisers can also get information on how much they are spending on their ad campaign and what they are getting out of it.

All this information helps advertisers adjust their campaign for better future results.

As a business owner, you will probably want to get your very own campaign off the ground after reading the above benefits of digital advertising. Be sure to prepare appropriately before launching a digital ad campaign to maximize the chances of achieving the desired results.

Why Quality Website Content Is So Important

“Content is King” and creating content for the web has grown into a million dollar industry.  Business owners are hiring experienced content writers because they understand the value of good content and how it generates business by adding it to their overall digital marketing strategy.  Professional website design creates an aesthetically pleasing user experience, but great content lures in customers, builds relationships and gets the consumer interested in your products and services.  For the new blogger or business owner creating content is no picnic…it is hard!  Nonetheless, it is a skill you can learn, here are five tips for creating epic content.

1. Keyword Research

This is where it all starts and where you can get ideas for new articles.  Keyword research is crucial to content marketing; customers come looking for you via the search engines so you need to know precisely how they are searching for you and what words you need to target so you can be found.

2. Original Content

Copying someone else’s content is plagiarism, and while it won’t get you kicked out of school, it can still land you in a bunch of hot water.  Google can and will penalize duplicate content, not to mention the creator of the original content can sue you.  So always come up with original content on your own.

3. Good Writing

Yes, spelling and punctuation count but that is not necessarily what we are talking about here.  If you want your readers to keep reading your blog posts, then content writing needs to be compelling.  This is where you position yourself as an expert and build trust with your audience.   Take the time to answer questions they may have, write case studies or something else.  Write something that will resonate with your readers.

4. No Fluff or Filler Content

Your writing style needs to be direct, and to the point, nobody wants to read the same paragraph rephrased a dozen times.  Do not simply create content for the sake of creating content.  There is no rule saying that you have to blog a certain number of times per week. Harmful content is worse than none.

5. Put in a Call to Action

If you’re writing with the intention of converting readers into customer there is nothing wrong with that, say so.  If you want your customers to call you, email you or give their email address then put in clear direction on what action that you want them to take.

Content writing or any form of writing for that matter doesn’t come easy to everyone, that’s okay, it is a skill like any other, and with practice, you will get better.  Follow these tips to enhance your marketing skills,  help you become a better writer and start creating epic content.